Language Problems and Language Planning

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Language Problems and Language Planning (LPLP) is published by John Benjamins in cooperation with the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems. This international multilingual journal publishes articles primarily on political, sociological, and economic aspects of language and language use. It is especially concerned with relationships between and among language communities, particularly in international contexts, and with the adaptation, manipulation, and standardization of language for international use.

The editors welcome articles dealing with language policy, language management, and language use in international organizations, multinational enterprises, etc., and theoretical studies on global communication, language interaction, and language conflict. Articles dealing with language situations in partixular countries should have wider theoretical applicability.

The editors particularly welcome articles in languages other than English.

Instructions to Contributors

Manuscript submissions are invited in any language. They are normally reviewed anonymously by two competent scholars. Authors should submit two copies typed and double-spaced, with information identifying the author removed. Manuscripts less than 20 pages long are preferred and should be accompanied by an abstract and a brief biography of the author. A detailed style sheet can be obtained from the editors.

Addresses for manuscripts and books for review

Manuscripts of articles, notes, and news items (primarily bibliographical) should be sent to one of the editors:

Books for review should be sent

Worldwide annual subscription rates and addresses

Individuals: NLG 92 / USD 46 (postage included).

Institutions: NLG 185 (plus postage).

Back volumes: NLG 141 (plus postage).

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