Esperanto and Education

Articles and Reports

An introductory encyclopedia article by Mark Fettes, with useful bibliography

Esperanto and Education: Toward a Research Agenda (Alvino Fantini and Timothy Reagan)

Esperanto and Language Awareness (Mark Fettes)

Departments of Interlinguistics

A description (in Esperanto) of the certificate program in interlinguistics in the Department of Linguistics at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

North American Summer Esperanto Institute (NASK)

A three-week intensive immersion program, eligible for university credit. Details of the upcoming set of courses, plus information on previous years.

Organizations and projects

International League of Esperantist Teachers

Tibor Sekelj Virtual School

Esperantic Studies Foundation

Virtual Esperanto Learning Environment


Esperanto: Learning in the Open Directory Project, a resource site for Esperanto-speaking educators